“Searching the Soul of a Nation”

– A series of six talks on the spiritual and moral state of the United States of America

I first gave these sermons in early 2008,  using the Preamble to the Constitution as a lens on the national soul.  They came a year or two after a long essay on the same subject I had published in UUWorld.  Now, in 2020, we have passed through a great deal more as a country.  Personally,  I was a candidate for Congress in 2018 and my son is a sitting local elected official.  Those experiences and more have broadened and deepened perspective and now have been incorporated into a revised version of the originals, reflecting current as well as ongoing issues.

This series – either as a Sunday sermon series or as a midweek adult series – is now available.  Pricing depends on whether they will be done as live virtual presentations with discussions after, or pre-recorded for you to discuss afterward.

Inquiries may be sent to wfwbklyn@gmail.com.