Fred Wooden for Congress:
A Principled, Progressive, Practical Leader

On August 7 the people of the Michigan and the Third District voted in record numbers. This was a great thing for everyone, even though I did not win.
Of course I am disappointed, as no one runs without wishing to win. But candidates know there is always the 50% chance they will not get elected.
Cathy Albro gained a large majority and thus is the Democratic nominee for Congress for the Third District this November. I extend my congratulations to her.
It remains for me to say thank you. First, thanks to all who contributed, supported, cheered, helped, commented, and voted.
I am grateful to my staff: Karen Dunnam, Sam Janisch, Virginia Anzengruber, LaShawn Erby, Christopher Reader, and Kathleen Maguire who together were a terrific team over the ten months of our work.
Let me also thank the 500 people who made an idea come to life with petitions, and donations, and canvassing, and hosting parties, and so much more.
Now we must move forward toward November, and support all our candidates. Achieving success will take all of us.

–Fred Wooden