Fred Wooden: Preacher, Pilgrim, Pundit

the Rev. Dr. W. Frederick Wooden

Fred is a late life author, having spent over forty years in six churches spread over five states.  His travels, short stories, a memoir from following in the footsteps with those who marched from Selma to Montgomery, a year of writing haiku as a spiritual exercise, have all ripened into books, three of which are available on Amazon.

Fred has led many lives – composer, pastor, pilgrim, political candidate, newspaper columnist, radio host, father and spouse. He has explored Canada, Mexico, Peru, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Turkey, India, China, Japan, Israel and western Europe.  Those who have read his travel accounts often say, “I feel like I am actually with you as you go.”

He has been published in several periodicals, been a columnist for three newspapers, a radio host and a Congressional candidate.  He is currently writes for

Fred is available as a Guest Speaker or Visiting Minister with series on – living the Pilgrim Life, liberal theology, “Questions every Liberal Church Should Ask,” his spiritual journey from Selma to Montgomery, reflections on James Weldon Johnson’s “God’s Trombones,” and his most recent exploration in Israel.